YEGPro Realty

YEGPro Realty is a boutique Real Estate Brokerage who operates on integrity, embraces technology, creativity & innovation. They are committed to providing their clients with all information necessary to make informed real estate decisions in a professional manner, every time. They excel in brand marketing & strive to provide top-notch service for clients, customers & agents alike. 

“Sherri and her team have been there since the beginning to provide direction, strategy and support to our quickly growing team of agents for our boutique Brokerage.

As an independent company in a highly competitive industry, we have been able to position ourselves differently and grow at an incredible rate with their help. Looking forward to what the future brings in this partnership!”

– Jessie McCracken, Brokerage Owner & Agent

The Challenge

The company was relatively “unknown” in Edmonton Real Estate prior to Jessie McCracken becoming Owner with less than a handful of agents. They needed brand awareness and messaging that would get buy-in not only from the marketplace but also from others agents so the brokerage could grow.

The previous marketing was very “bare bones” and needed upgrading to bring the brokerage to life with a re-launch that represented the direction and vision of the team.

The Solution

A custom website, marketing strategy and branded materials were designed to position YEGPro Realty differently – the new way to do real estate where lower fees for agents didn’t mean less attention to detail or less talent. Prior to our working with YEGPro Realty, they didn’t have a brokerage branded website or online presence with less than a handful of agents.

Through a very strategic and focused plan, YEGPro Realty was able to execute with clear direction and attract more of the agents with the same values and vision for a brokerage.

The Deliverables

Custom Website Build With IDX Integration

Branding & Positioning Strategy

Custom Branded Sales & Marketing Tools

Tailored Social Media Strategy

Professional Copywriting

Business & Marketing Consulting

The Results

The team at YEGPro Realty has grown from less than a handful of agents to over 40 agents and growing in a 12 month period – over 400% growth in the company. After approx. 24 months, the company has now over 75+ agents and is still growing.

As a brand, the marketplace is now very much aware of YEGPro Realty as they have a highly engaged audience on both video and social media – the awareness of their awesome continues to ripple through Edmonton and surrounding area and agents and clients will both continue to recognize the brokerage as a leader.  The best part is we are only getting started!