Our Story

Have you ever purchased a product or service and it was the best money you ever spent?

You had a lot of FUN during the process, LOVED who you worked with and got EXCEPTIONAL value from the money you invested.

What did that process LOOK like?

How did they make you FEEL?

What was most important part to YOU?

Since the very first time Sherri Beauchamp, Founder of Gratitude Consulting Group INC, held her first born son, her life changed forever…

She started to look at life and her purpose in a very different way (it’s amazing how those little souls can impact the direction of your life before they can even walk or talk)!

Gratitude Consulting Group INC started after Sherri (Founder) had a vision of impacting and inspiring businesses and experts not only to leverage their expertise to change people’s lives but to actually make an impact on the world. Our focus as a group is to bring all of the available moving parts to a business and leverage them in a way that’s unique to their specific goals and helps spread the company’s message to the people who need it the most.

Many companies know they need to be doing more, however, they just don’t know where to start or who to trust.

Gratitude Consulting Group’s mission has always been about providing world class marketing and exceptional client service so our client’s couldn’t imagine their business without us. Our primary goal is to make the money you invest in your business with us, the best money you ever spent.

We are a virtual consulting company with highly skilled team members across North America and into Europe. We believe in working with the best so we can deliver the best, therefore it just wouldn’t make sense to limit our team by territory.

If you are an expert in your industry, we believe that it’s imperative that you get your voice (or even better, your whole team’s voice) in front of those who need it the most. Business is not just about dollars and cents, it’s about connecting with real people and sharing stories – from there we learn and grow with each other. Of course we measure results in the growth the company achieves (in dollars, cents and percentages) the way everyone else does, but in doing that, the journey is much more fulfilling along the way if you create a legacy.

We believe we are only as successful as the footprint we leave on this earth. In today’s world there are countless ways to leave a footprint and a part of our job it to assist you in leaving yours.

Some of our most inspiring projects have only just begun… some of them are just waiting for us to connect!