Step Ahead Properties &
Westgate Suites

As a small and ambitious property management company and first-time developer in the multi-family apartment sector, Step Ahead was looking for a way to leverage the expertise that provided results to assist with their day-to-day marketing as well as the launch of Canada’s 1st multi-family units made entirely of repurposed shipping containers.


Being a small developer & property management company with limited resources, we loved having the ability of a virtual marketing team come in, learn in-depth about our business, and be very hands-on with our innovative marketing and business needs. 

Gratitude Consulting was so successful with one of our infill development projects that we were 1 of 3 finalists for IREM’s Corporate Innovation REME Award against the best in the world. The other two finalists we competed against were the largest property management company in the world with over $66B in assets as well as the largest office PM company in New York – very impressive company to be associated with.

Commitment to service & the ability to bring an innovative, 3rd party perspective to the table for discussion has resulted in taking our company to the next level. With Sherri & her team, we have a partner who’s equally as focused on the results & success of our company’s future as we are.”

– AJ Slivinski, Owner & Developer

The Challenge

The industry standard and pace of online marketing was changing so rapidly that Step Ahead identified that they needed specific expertise to not only assist with their short-term day-to-day but also their long-term strategy and where to focus marketing dollars.

With a launch of an industry disrupting multi-family rental property quickly approaching, they required fast and reliable support to see meet the tight deadlines without compromising on quality or brand messaging.

The Solution

A clear marketing strategy and budget were outlined to execute on a project that was the 1st of it’s kind in all of Canada at the time which required focused budgeting and clear positioning.

Pre-educated, pre-qualified and pre-indoctrinated prospects were tracked and provided to the Step Ahead sales team to further book showing on the new property.

The project gained earned media on a local and national level based on the uniqueness of the build as well as the messaging.

A custom website, marketing strategy and branded sales materials were provided onsite. The project also gained international recognition when it was nominated as an industry leader in real estate development by IREM giving Step Ahead Properties further authority in establishing them as an industry leader.

The Deliverables

Custom Website Build

Branding & Positioning Strategy

Custom Branded Sales & Marketing Tools

Tailored Social Media Strategy

Professional Copywriting

Business & Marketing Consulting

The Results

After initial website launch, there was an increase in requests for project details from prospects as well as media interviews.

The partnership with this client not only was recognized for the unique development as the 1st of its kind in Canada but, it was also recognized internationally along side 2 of the world’s largest companies in the real estate space increasing it’s authority locally and globally.