Mayfield Management Group 

After a change of ownership, the company was looking to establish itself in the residential property management industry. Gratitude Consulting was able to provide expert guidance on long-term planning as well as short-term needs such as a new company website, lead tracking system and other marketing insights. Since then, Gratitude Consulting has also been able to provide training to new hires once marketing processes have been developed, tested, and implemented succesfully. 


Sherri and her team have been instrumental in assisting with setting up marketing & lead tracking systems, training our team on implementation, building our brand, and assisting us with humanizing our company & telling our story in a meaningful way that connects us with our customers. 

Sherri has the unique ability to not only help us craft our message more succinctly & powerfully but also has strategies to bring attention to it by putting it in front of more of our ideal customers. We look forward to continuing to grow our business through our long-term relationship with Gratitude Consulting!

– AJ Slivinski, Owner

The Challenge

The needs of each company in any given industry are unique depending on the level of resources, current positioning and past investment in sales and marketing initiatives.

Gaining insight on where you are at and where you want to be with 3rd party eyes can reduce the resources required to get there. To have a consulting partner that has a pulse not only on the trends and strategies that are working now but also someone who knows your business intimately will save you thousands on connecting the dots.

The Solution

A clearly defined strategy for both internal and external communication was developed to ensure MMG is positioned as the world-class leader they are.  Collaboration with existing employees, industry and competition research, outlining industry standard practices allowed Gratitude Consulting to develop systems and processes for internal and external needs. 

Evaluation of new platforms and technology on behalf of MMG allowed them to enter into service agreements with other providers knowing it was the right choice for them and the future of their company.

Having a 3rd party expert to bounce off plans and ideas can reduce to time to execute with proper direction. MMG is small enough to pivot when needed and having expertise in their corner gives them the confidence to do so when necessary.

The Deliverables

Custom Property Marketing Campaigns

Branding & Positioning Strategy

Custom Branded Sales & Marketing Tools For Internal & External Communications

Develop, Test & Implement Marketing Systems & Processes

Professional Copywriting

Business & Marketing Consulting

The Results

The internal direction of the company has grown leaps and bounds since Gratitude Consulting’s initial days with the company. They have successfully taken on many of the regular day-to-day tasks involved in reputation, marketing and implementation. 

The partnership with this client has allowed them to review strategies, tools and techniques very quickly with a consultation from Gratitude Consutling to see if it’s worth the resources and what the next steps are. We will continue to assist in growing the company and it’s close to 30-year reputation across Alberta.